07 December 2007

Friends night out for my 30th

Sara on the left me in the middle and Kerith on the right.
The Burlesque girls at El cid

Okay so my lovely husband is on a shoot in Santa Barbara so he couldn't be hereon my b-day.... sad...
So my two really great friends took me to a dinner and show at "El Cid" on sunset here in Los Angeles. Super Fun! the restaurant is a nice hidden gem about 4 flights of stairs down, with a fabulous garden and dark cabaret-ish dinning room and stage area. Deep Reds and cozy booths give a very spanish flair.
We enjoyed a nice dinner while watching the flamenco show. We spent more time catching up then watching but it was still great. I made them promise not to make me go up on the stage and flamenco, I have done that once for my 25th b-day and that was enough.
My friend Kerith was smart enough to book our table for both shows so we stayed and watched the Burlesque Show too.

Nothing could be better then a night of good friends, food, music, and drinks- although it would be more lovely with my husband there.

06 December 2007

My 30th Birthday-A fresh start!

I am now officially 30! Old right? I don't see it that way, I see a new frontier! I hope this blog turns into something great....

I thought I would start by having a 30% off sale for my 30th birthday in my etsy shop.