16 November 2009

Fabric boutonniere {WBWTWAFA part II}

I made this out of some scrap fabric.... what do you think? I know you're thinking 2 posts in one day? What?

it can be worn in the pocket...
or on the lapel... although smaller I think for this.

Winter Wonderland {the invitations, menu, program cover}

I am delighted to finally share with you this invitation suite and matching menu, & program cover. You can view the save the dates here. I am so excited as we will also be shooting this wedding in Whistler, Canada and enjoying a week long vacation as well.
All the pieces are designed by me and letterpress by my favorite peeps over at Spark Letterpress.

12 November 2009

Collages and Inspiration {fun}

I know it has been a while since I have posted. I want to be like a ninja, jumping in here when you least expect it.
...So we have been pretty darn busy with the photography!! which is wonderful, but I got lots going on in the stationery world too. If I only could find the time to photograph my own projects. In the mean time I have been finding therapeutic comfort in making collages of our photography. Inspiration boards have you. Our clients seem to be also enjoying them as well.
Here is one of our most recent wedding we shot. I love the colors. To see more of the wedding go visit our blog here.
Fun times. :)