17 November 2008

sneak peak for table top design... "the invite"

I have been so kindly asked to design a table top for Emily at Once Wed. She has a table trends feature on her blog that is wonderful. Now the real challenge is to stay on budget $200 for a a beautiful table that can give many brides inspiration. There are a lot of extras I can add on my own to give the full picture of the event: invitations, food ideas, favor ideas, the bouquet or boutonniere, but the table: dinnerware, glassware, centerpiece, linens, etc. has to stay at the budget.
So my theme I have chosen to work with is a Rustic Winter Creekside Wedding with a bit of holiday kitsch. To keep the flower budget down I went and got a dozen paperwhite bulbs to force in which I would like to show off the roots and bulbs on the table. (hopefully they better bloom in time)
Red buttons, bakers twine, and a few of our favorite things will pull in the kitschy parts... Hope it turns out as fun as it is to plan.

Here are some pictures of the invites I have designed to go with the ideas. Red, light teal, and brown are the colors. the invite is placed in a muslin pouch I made and put into a kraft paper envelope. These ideally would be letterpress invites!
I am making raw muslin napkins with red stitching. I only really wants hints of red on the table keeping it more rustic and natural. The boutonniere and the bouquet will both be adorned with a big red button
Don't want to give to much away. :)

02 November 2008

Rebecca & Ryan's Wedding Nov 1st

Here is a few shots we took at a wedding this weekend. The wedding was in San Juan Capistrano. It was a very large Korean wedding. I loved the difference of feel from the traditional western wedding dress and the Korean wedding outfits. She had the cutest escort cards! Even though the whole ceremony was in Korean, the emotion shared between these two was so great I had to restrain myself from crying too while I was shooting. Erin caught a picture during the ceremony where the groom was crying so hard that tears are dripping off his chin.
I also post these so the bride and groom can get sneak peak as it takes us about 3 weeks to process everything and do a good edit. I know how hard it is to wait to see photos from the wedding! :)