04 December 2010

more floral crown{why not}

I processed this more funky.... I debate whether I like funky or simple. I think each pic to its' own. It depends on my mood or the mood of the photo...

21 November 2010

Fall Floral Crown

Photography has taken over my life... in a good way. But I still love to arrange flowers to keep myself creative. So I made a floral crown for a recent engagement session. What do you think?

10 November 2010


Everything she touches turns to gold. I am dying over this arrangement. It makes me want to start my secret project now!

26 July 2010

Bali {iphone pics}

Busy bee's we are. We just finish our 5th destination wedding in a row last wednesday the july 21st. Starting in Keystone Colorado, on June 10-14th then off to Tahoe,CA 17-20th, then to Bali, Indonesia, June 22nd- july6th, then up the coast to Solvang, CA, July9th-11th, then to Kauai, Hawaii July 14th-july21st... we are tired but had a blast and now have to edit a million pics. I have a really cool invite to share with you all, just have to photograph it. :) Here are some pics from bali taken with my iphone and put through the infamous shake it app. :) They will be fun for printing small 5x5 prints maybe mounting on wood and making a grid on the wall. Bali is amazing and we can't wait to go back.

we got our clothes laundered and they were delivered back to us in these cute baskets!!

monkey forest.


love this: instead of a do not disturb it is just this little guy with is finger up to his mouth.
the room at the ALILA hotel.

bali coffee YUM!

this was actually the lock on our door :) Bali doesn't have much theft so no worries.

If you visit a temple you have to where the traditional dress. Erin looked so cute.

Temple offerings.

private black sand beach cove.

our own private bungalow.
view from the bungalow.

we drank lots of bingtang.
view from our last hotel room.

26 May 2010

Where am i?

I've been updating our photo blog so much I just have been ignoring my own... I have a project I am thinking of right now in the world of flowers... but trying to find the time to do it might be a hard one. I went on a hike today with Erin and saw the most wonderful wildflowers that I might just go out again tomorrow with some cutting shears and cut myself enough to make a bouquet. Just for fun. I also really want to learn how to do my hair like this.

I'll be around here and there but Please follow our photo blog we have so many exciting weddings coming up!

07 April 2010

Photo collage {save the dates}

Our photo biz has taken off! But I still need to be designing or I would go a bit crazy. :) Recently we have been eyeball deep in engagement shoots. Editing and shooting.... go check out some recent ones on our blog A few of the couples have asked me to make them a collage (since they know i am addicted to making them) for their save the dates from the engagement shoot we shot with them. One couple chose to send them out via email the other via mail, so I also designed the back with the info for them. Fun times.

21 March 2010

Some new projects {and my cat}

I have just finished up a few projects for a couple different brides. The first one is a fun Bridal Shower invite with some confetti and glitter bling. using the inspiration from the brides Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes and the fun Neiman Marcus location, I was excited to go a bit crazy with the girly feel. I made custom labels to go on the vellum envelope, exposing all the custom confetti inside the invite.

The next are a few snap shots of the Day of stationery I made for a brides February wedding. The menus were backed with different color fabrics, each placed with small feather on top to go with the programs I designed and tied together with twine and feathers. Sorry for the lack of photos. Didn't have time with this one to photograph it before it went out.

And My cat, Booz! :)