28 February 2009

Vintage Study Table Top Sneak Peek...

I have always wanted a house with a Study. Just so when my husband calls out my name I can say "Dear, I am in the study..." So I got my inspiration for the next table top from that. A vintage study, lots of books, travel memorabilia, leather chairs and a cozy masculine feel but softened by fluffy white flowers...

Here is a sneak peek of the table... The mod table should be on Once Wed soon... then this table.... oh boy!

Anyone ever thrown their computer through the window?

I think I might this morning. Of course right now I am working on my husbands beautifully new computer while mine is sounds like a jet engine taking off while it searches for it's brain or at least trying to remember it's purpose in life.

25 February 2009

A Priest, A Rabbi, and 2 Doctors walk into a chapel...

To be continued.... The save the date for My great friends Jill and Adam! They are 2 very funny people and this save the date really shows it.
Designed by me! (of course :) ) It is 3 color letterpress with the wine stain (which I love and will be carried through out the whole invitation suite currently under construction) is digitally printed by me but the letterpress is printed ever so beautifully by Spark Letterpress.
It looks so great with the custom labels.
click on the pics so you can really see it big!


Thanks to all these blogs that have featured Flush Designs or Erin Hearts Court in this past couple weeks. I couldn't be more grateful!! It is so nice to know that our work is truly appreciated and loved by so many around the world! Thanks Again! Here are the links to the features!

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24 February 2009

Buenos Dias! Finally the Frida Kahlo inspired table top...Muy Bueno!

I have yet again been asked by the lovely Emily at Once Wed to do another table top for her ever popular table top trends series on her website. Go check out her site with the feature. This one has been a long wait as the past couple of weekends has really been crazy and if not crazy then raining. I wanted a to design a table that really felt inviting just how I think frida's garden would be. I wanted to make sure the table had room for food as a family style event seems a must with this table!!! Oh and the calligraphy is by the lovely Lisa at Pen and ink! So beautiful. Make sure to read about the story behind the cow head in my previous post!
So here it is with out further introduction. The Frida Kahlo table top! enjoy!!! I could post a million pics so if you want to see more let me know I will do a part dos. ;)

One bouquet, two bouquets... everywhere a bou-quet!

As you can see I am trying to make my post titles a bit more catchy, to lure you all over here, and hopefully make you want to comment a bit more. I could just title every post "Anthropologie" that would definitely capture everyones attention. :)
So here are 2 new bouquets by me.
This one is for the Frida table top but is also a trial run for a June bride that I will be doing the bouquets and boutonnieres for AND Erin Hearts court will be shooting too AND I am doing the invitations and paper products for! Yay!! I am excited!! This is about as "One Stop" as I can get! :) The bride ordered a bunch of super cool vintage ribbon for the bouquets so imagine that red ribbon wrapped all the way around.

The next bouquet was for the Modern table top which you will see later, and for fun. The first photo is just a close up of the orchid before it made it into the bouquet.

23 February 2009

Breathless: Modern Table Top Invite

The Frida table top will be posted on ONCE WED tomorrow, I want to give one more post on the modern table top that will be posted after that. So Here is the invite I designed for it. Come back tomorrow to see the whole frida table here and on once wed! yay! Oh and a third table, "Vintage Study", I will sneak peek for you tomorrow too. Goodness what is going on???

Oh, No I didn't! Another Sneak Peek the Mod Table Top.

I did! I used Candy Cigarettes for one of my table tops. GASP!! Not candy Cigarettes! How politically incorrect of me! Aren't those banded in the US? Nope! What else says 1960's Modern Paris Cafe based on the movie Breathless, then cigarettes? Nothing, and I am so cool for thinking of it. :) So here is a little peek at the Modern Table top. Deal with it! :) Okay so maybe this has to be a no- kid wedding, wouldn't want them to think smoking is cool... even though uncle chuck, the groom and all the men are outside smoking cigars... ah ha gotcha there!

21 February 2009

Breathless: Take One! Sneak Peek

I set up the whole Mod Breathless inspired table today...Boy is it girly (that is a weird sentence) However, I have been left cameraless and didn't remember until I had it all set up and went looking for the camera -oops- So I did take a picture with my really old not so great Polaroid, but will have to redo the table tomorrow and take real pictures. Or I can just leave it overnight... in my yard... probably not a good idea. :)
But I think this Polaroid is really cool lookin'

DOS: I am brilliant! :) another sneak peek of the "Frida"

So Here is photo #2 to entice you to view the table top at once wed come this week! Why is a Bull head dressed as frida kahlo brilliant well because it just is! Okay actually it is because my husband and I have had this head in our garage for 6 years trying to figure out a way to get rid of it and it just won't seem to go away. We have had numerous garage sales and no one buys it. Our plan was to bring it with us to Tucson to my parents and secretly tie it on to the front of their car, but we ALWAYS forgot it. So when I saw it yesterday I knew in seconds what I wanted to do with it! Frida cow! Your awesome! 6 years and this, who knew! :)



18 February 2009

I know I know....

Nothing new! YET!!!... Oh you just wait. In the meantime get off the computer!! take a walk, drink some wine, kiss your pet, tell your mom you love her, enjoy your life. Call your best friend not text. Sing to your favorite song. You'll need it because when you come back to my blog in the next couple days you'll be on the computer for so long your bum will flatten, your hair will grey and your cat will gnaw on your toes. what's coming you say??....
4 bouquets
3 table tops
2 invitations
& 1 super cool save the date
0 sleep :)

Perhaps I am thinking of another "what boy wants to wear a flower anyway..." flowerless boutonniere series. What theme or occupation Should I do?? I have ideas for these...
A. Fly Fisherman
B. Engineer/Architect

Come back soon!!

06 February 2009

Works in Progress...

I am working on a few projects for some clients and myself. Here are a few digital files of what is going on behind the scenes... some are still getting tweeked others are done approved and ready to print. Fun! I will have a busy march of  printing! 
One is in the works for the "modern breathless" table top... Guess which one. :) (although I am working on another version this is the first...) I know digital files are boring and don't showcase fun photography but you can see what is going on here and in my brain... Any critiques are welcome! please click to see larger and in detail!

More Table Tops! My Inspiration

Rain Delay, Bad? No Good! It gives me 2 more weeks to do 2 more tables. Because I will have already rented the table, chairs and boring linens for the Frida table top, I figured I might as well do a few more with the "base" or "limitations" of what a bride is given at a venue. I will be putting together a total of 3 table tops for Once Wed's table trends. "Frida Fiesta" "Modern Breathless" and a " A Vintage Study". All will be on a round table, with white table linens as the base, but each {hopefully} portraying some fun and different themes. As always in order to research and prepare I like to make an inspiration board so here they are. You can see previous posts on the "Frida fiesta" that is ready to go, but now I must go get everything I need for these two in just 2 weeks. FUN! Hope they look interesting.... :)
OH and I am a horrible image searcher I always forget to keep track of where I find them as I scourer google... This is a really bad habit. So if you see an image that is yours please tell me I will add your name to the post. I know a lot are from Martha Stewart, Once wed, & Brides Magazine I will try to get better at this. :(

03 February 2009

Golf Tee Boutonniere!! What boy wants to wear a flower anyways....

I just decided to make this!
I thought it would be a cute idea for those that have fianc├ęs that are into golf or those that are getting married at a golf club. I bought them in white and natural and painted some blue. You could paint them any color to match your wedding.
What do you think? Cute? yes or no? I say Heck ya this is supa cute!! No flowers so you can make them in the weeks leading up to your wedding. You get like 50 tees for $4, Hows that for a cheap DIY? Especially after you just spent half your budget on your dress. :)
Here are some more angles of the same.

Hold your horses... the table's coming! Sneak Peek!

Okay so it has been the most ridiculously gorgeous weather here in Los Angeles and I was planning to do the "Frida Kahlo Table Top" for Once Wed this weekend, but there is a storm a brewing and my Garden themed table just will not work indoors. So There has been a delay. It will not be done until the weekend of February 21st. So to keep those ants out of your pants I have taken a few pics of the little lovelys involved and how they are waiting so patiently for their debut. I would do it next weekend but could you imagine going to the flower mart the friday before Valentines... just shoot me. Hence the 2 week delay.

Just in case you having seen the inspiration board it is here. I am super excited to use the basic items that so many brides are limited to at their venues as the base for the design. Round table, white linens, and plain boring dish ware.
Hope this makes you even more curious and excited.


Just thought I would let everyone know! :)