13 January 2010

When I am feeling blue {all I have to do}

...is look at this picture. I don't know this girl but I love the feel of this photo. Her content smile in her eyes, the soft light, the open field behind her, her rosy cheeks and the apple that matches them, the sweet blouse that reminds me of one of the pillow cases buried deep in my mom's lenin closet from her 70's bedroom that had been washed over and over so it is so soft. I just love this picture.
Everything is happening so fast but also so slow... I am overwhelmed. I am really trying to get into a set schedule but sometimes I just feel like sitting and thinking...about everything.

Photo is from jude mooney

05 January 2010

Mary + Stefan {collage}

Hope everyone had a happy holidays. 2009 was a pretty good year. Hoping that 2010 brings even more greatness with new adventures... I will try to be more diligent about posting more over here, even if it is of stuff that I didn't make but what I like. Thought I would post the collage I made from this ridiculously cool wedding. All the photos are now up on our Blog Go now over there!
Don't you just love her dress? and her shoes? wtf. :)