10 February 2008

New Website Design

Okay so I don't even know if Anyone reads this or not. However I am toying with the idea of revamping my website. I would like any critiques and comments.
I am really tired of my site right now see picture below of home page.

What I want to do is a more clean and modern look that is not so "crafty" . I want it to have a more crisp look but with a very "lifestyle" feel and interesting pictures. I want to bring in more of the type of photos like the one of me holding the invite up (middle pic on my home page now) I also want to emphasize more on my wedding invitation designs, and less on other stationery....

So take a look at the new idea below and let me know how you like it, if you like it and if your feeling it.
I guess the big question is which website home page would you more likely keep you interested and bring you in?

07 February 2008

Bar Mitzvah invite

So this Bar Mitzvah was in October but I finally took some pictures of the finished invite. I actually helped plan and decorate the entire party. Besides the invite I made custom decoupage lazy susans for each table (17 of them) some were 2 story susans that were 36" in diameter, others were small 18" round. I also did arrangements the day of for the tops of the susans with carnival masks and beads. The table linens I chose reflected the colors from the invites Blue, sage and gold. Go to my website under gallery- details- bar mitzvaah http://flushdesigns.com/BarMitzvah.html you can see some pics. Unfortunately it litterally took me 6 hours to set everything up I got only night shots, and a few at that.
So here it is.

05 February 2008

Save the date for an October wedding

Will the bride like it? I just mailed off the epson proof the bride and groom to check out and make sure it exactly what they want. After they okay the design text and color scheme I will begin the process to get it ready to letterpress. It will be a 4 color letterpress with a letterpress belly band. I gave her two paper options one type is the luxe paper (bellyband in pic) or the cranes lettra letterpress paper (invite in pic) She also can choose if she wants the green backing or envelope liner.

The Bride and Groom are also great friends of mine, the groom being an ex-coworker that I served tables with not long ago. They will be getting married in October so these save the dates have until April to complete! Time will fly!

Modern invite for August wedding

Here is the almost finished design for a very cool couple getting married in August. Lora and Frank have been together almost 12 years and are finally tying the knot. They really wanted a colorful and very mod wedding invite. Since they are getting married at the very eclectic Marvimon House in downtown Los Angeles it needed to be a very unique invite. We chose to do a Blue note record theme. As we have some final details to go over, I am pretty sure this has captured that feeling. I know this because when I showed it to my 10 year old niece she said to me "This is Jazzy!" So there you have it... it is a modern Jazzy feel exactly what they wanted!
This invite is a tea length with a tear away rsvp postcard. It is Epson printed on Cranes 100% cotton 300 gsm letterpress paper. perfect for letterpress and gorgeous for Ink Jet!

01 February 2008

Save the date finished

I have been designing my great friend Nicky's save the date. As her mind has changed where she wanted to get married so did the design of the save the date. However, she set a place and a time, I was able to come up with a design that fit her style. As she is a seamstress and will be making her own gown out of organic cotton and other raw fabrics, we decided to play on the idea of fabrics for the save the dates and invites (which I will start very soon.) The save the date is very simple letterpress Tri folded. Then wrapped in torn strips of muslin, copper wire tied and curled to represent the twirly vines in a vineyard, and a monogram wax seal to hold it all in place. It really looks beautiful.
As I am also helping her plan her wedding we will bring the torn muslin in everywhere we can in the decorations. It will really have a natural and very organic feel.

The letterpress is a rich shimmery chocolate brown and a fun copper. It is a bit hard to open but worth it!!


My husbands been traveling a lot lately so I have been left alone to feed myself. Usually I am so busy working on the computer and printing, I forget to eat until I am about to pass out so I have to quickly run to the store and by some sort of frozen pizza or sandwich. Well I decided to make myself a nice little european breakfast and a yummy dinner yesterday. Note the trey for the dinner, I had to eat in front of the TV as it was the LOST premiere!!!!

I really appreciate cooking it makes me feel productive!