10 February 2008

New Website Design

Okay so I don't even know if Anyone reads this or not. However I am toying with the idea of revamping my website. I would like any critiques and comments.
I am really tired of my site right now see picture below of home page.

What I want to do is a more clean and modern look that is not so "crafty" . I want it to have a more crisp look but with a very "lifestyle" feel and interesting pictures. I want to bring in more of the type of photos like the one of me holding the invite up (middle pic on my home page now) I also want to emphasize more on my wedding invitation designs, and less on other stationery....

So take a look at the new idea below and let me know how you like it, if you like it and if your feeling it.
I guess the big question is which website home page would you more likely keep you interested and bring you in?

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Elliot said...

hey girl!
I was super bored at work and have been thinking about you and erin a bunch. Hope you're doing well and I expect this blog to be regularly updated. miss you guys!