10 July 2008

New Work

Okay so I have been so ridiculously busy I haven't had time to post anything. I am finally starting to take a few pictures (not the best photos as I was in a huge hurry) here and there getting ready to start the new design and layout of my website.

I just finished doing designs for Epson for them to showcase at a press seminar. I was asked to do some custom invites & announcements that involved scanning old photographs and 3d objects, in this case a baby blanket.

I did a future 45th wedding anniversary invite for my parents in 2010.

I did a retirement party invite for my dad who actually retired back in 2001 so this won't ever be used.

Then I did a 90th birthday invite for my Grandmother, although she passed away 2 years ago this july she would've been 90 last sept.2007

I also did a baby anouncement using my good friends baby pic name and b-day (as I myself are babyless)  I scanned my old baby blanket for this.
then I sewed the 3 pieces together.


Elliot said...

Love the Anniversary invitation. Miss you.

Flush Designs said...

I know aren't my parents sooooo cute! Miss you too!