14 August 2008

My husband's wedding photography

As I have been busy making stuff for weddings, my husband has been busy shooting them! He works with a partner Fontaine Su and together they take beautiful photos, you can see their website here.
These are my favorite photos he took. I will post my favorites of Fontaine's next. Then surprisingly I am often an associate shooter. So I will post my photos I took at some of the weddings. I bet all of you had no idea I also do photography. I am more like the fly on the wall at the weddings I still get nervous when actually asked to take someone's picture... :-) But if they don't know I am taking it I can sneak a few good ones.

Take a look at my Husband, James Erin de Jauregui's sample work below then go take a peek at the entire website. He shoots in digital and works in many different color pallets in photoshop to give each photo a different feel. these show a variety of the color pallets from black and white to a high contrast crossed process look. For those tired of wedding photos take a look at his editorial work here.

Wow I have a million more of my favs but I realized this is too many already!! I'll stop or I will blow up the blog!
Enjoy! Don't forget to click on the photos to see them in gigantic form!! :-)

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