17 November 2008

sneak peak for table top design... "the invite"

I have been so kindly asked to design a table top for Emily at Once Wed. She has a table trends feature on her blog that is wonderful. Now the real challenge is to stay on budget $200 for a a beautiful table that can give many brides inspiration. There are a lot of extras I can add on my own to give the full picture of the event: invitations, food ideas, favor ideas, the bouquet or boutonniere, but the table: dinnerware, glassware, centerpiece, linens, etc. has to stay at the budget.
So my theme I have chosen to work with is a Rustic Winter Creekside Wedding with a bit of holiday kitsch. To keep the flower budget down I went and got a dozen paperwhite bulbs to force in which I would like to show off the roots and bulbs on the table. (hopefully they better bloom in time)
Red buttons, bakers twine, and a few of our favorite things will pull in the kitschy parts... Hope it turns out as fun as it is to plan.

Here are some pictures of the invites I have designed to go with the ideas. Red, light teal, and brown are the colors. the invite is placed in a muslin pouch I made and put into a kraft paper envelope. These ideally would be letterpress invites!
I am making raw muslin napkins with red stitching. I only really wants hints of red on the table keeping it more rustic and natural. The boutonniere and the bouquet will both be adorned with a big red button
Don't want to give to much away. :)


Kathryn said...

I can't wait to see the finished post!

Emily@oncewed said...

Courtney, you amaze me! I cannot wait to see the rest.

Lisa - Pen & Ink said...

These are beautiful! I love that last pic with everything together - those colors are really pretty!

Flush Designs said...

Thanks everyone! I can't wait either! :)