24 July 2009

Dirty Roots....{business cards}

Nothing dirty about it. well I suppose the dirt itself is.... but leave that to them. Susan Moffett single handily turns your tired backyard (or front) into a oasis of beauty, casual living , and stylish rustic tranquility. I had a grand time designing her logo and business cards to represent her whimsical landscaping business. Although we are currently growing her website, you should check it out anyways. this card is 3 color letterpress on chipboard printed by no other then my favorite company Spark.


Pen and Ink said...

I really, really love this card. I can't stop looking at the photos - every element is perfect! This has to be one of my most favorite pieces that you've done!

- Lisa

lovelyvelo said...

oh my, these are wonderful... makes me want to get my hands dirty ;)

September's Bliss said...

I love the style of the designs !