31 August 2009

a bit slow {hang in there}

Things have been slow in the world of paper but it could be because I have been putting all my focus in our photography business, Erin Hearts Court. So my own business has taken the sideline. Sorry for lack of paper products. I am trying to brainstorm the best way to do both the wedding photography and invitations and push both just as equally with advertising and blog coverage without dying and staying up all night designing and editing and emailing and blogging..... I really need an assistant. But that has to wait another 6 months. :) I do have a winter wonderland invitation coming in about a month. For now though, for the next week or so please visit our photography blog to view what kind of craziness is going on in our world.
Stay with me. Hold tight.


PDX Bride said...

Honestly, I would love to make my way into the wedding business world, so if you do start looking for an assistant please let me know! I was wondering how I could go about doing it, probably part time at first, so seriously, let me know. I am an accountant right now (so super organized, but I promise I don't have the personality of the stereotypical accountant!), and I am crafty, I sew, etc, plus I love the wedding world. Hope all is well and can't wait to see your new stuff.

Flush Designs said...

PDX- Ah thanks so much! When the time comes I will keep you in mind. We have to upsize in space before this happens but hopefully sooner then later. Thanks!!