17 December 2008

I am going to rant like Andy Rooney! JUST THIS ONCE. (don't be mad)

I am not a huge ranter, although often I will say something like " I hate this pen!" or " I hate my computer" but these are more like complaints with really no meaning at all and completely ignorable. So when I say "I like feeling appreciated" or "I don't like to be left wondering if I will book this or that client" this really is true.
Okay here is my Rant. In the spirit of the holidays, a nice "Thank You" (minus air quotes, as that can symbolize sarcasm or secret code) really goes a long way!
As wedding vendors, (although i don't like the word vedor for me as I am my own self, no employees, no help, just me, I prefer artist who provides wedding related products) my husband and myself get a lot of inquires. This is part of the job and we of course LOVE getting inquires and questions as this means people like our work! Plus they are all potential clients. However, the emailing back and forth or the meetings at the coffee shop can potentially take up a good portion of the work day, in which becomes part of the overall work and adds to the business overhead costs.
So when the meetings go well, or the emails are filled with nice little emoticons :-) or :) or :D or lol or Haha..... This leaves me (or him) very hopeful. I always send out a little "So nice to meet you..." or "let me know if you have more questions...." emails. AND NOTHING! No response, nada! It was like a cheap date or one night stand. But I thought you liked me?

Even if your scared off by the pricing or maybe our style doesn't actually fit what your looking for, all we ask is a nice Thank You in return. I would even be happy if I got a "Thanks, but no thanks to your services. I chose someone else to do my stationery or take my photos." or " Your great, but too expensive" or " So great to meet you I will keep you in mind and let you know." This lets us know that at least you felt a little bit of appreciation for us taking the time to meet and discuss with you about the process, pricing, or answer questions etc. Plus we are not left thinking, Did they get the last email? or Should I call them, or is that too obnoxious? I don't expect to book every inquiry by far, but a nice response back solidifies my "super sensitive wondering self" to a "I'll get you next time Gadget" confident self. And keeps our calendar free of maybes.

I know that getting married can be super overwhelming and the pricing for vendors is sickening. I know many couples contact multiple vendors for pricing ideas just so they even know where to begin with the budget, this is expected and greatly encouraged and we will happily answer all questions! That all being said I guarantee that if any of the vendors you meet with (whether you choose them or not), get a nice THANK YOU your wedding planning experience will be so much nicer.
So in the spirit of the holidays send a quick email to all the vendors you inquired with and say "Thanks for meeting with us, we appreciate your work, all the best to you and your business."
Unless of course they were totally rude or never emailed you back from your initial inquiry, in this case just send them a quick email with just a :-(
(I hope I don't get one of those)

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