12 December 2008

A Scotland wedding- letterpress invitation.

Here is my latest design, for a wedding in scotland very, very soon. :) This was originally the design for their june wedding save the date, but the couple decided to move the date up and we changed it to the invite! But it turned out absolutely beautiful.
As it needed to be completed in about 10 days and I already had plans for thanksgiving in AZ, I actually had to send this out to get letterpress printed to Spark Letterpress printing company. This is my first design I have not printed myself. :( However, it felt really good to just design and POOF it comes back all done. I loved it. No stressing over the printer, no crazy ink mixing, no crying, no sore leg or sore arms.... I think I might do this more often for the bigger jobs for sure. I can take on more volume this way too. It does feel weird to not have printed it all myself, but I must say I am proud of the design!! More designing, more clients.... I can also do more challenging designs that I couldn't print myself. this is a good thing! The image on the top is a drawing of the venue in which they will be married, so pretty on the lake surrounded by mountains. The hydrangea and the scottish thistle design on the back are to represent her and him (he is scottish) I wanted to pull in the casual rustic feel they were going after by doing a stitching all around the invite giving it a bit of softness.

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emily said...

these turned out beautiful. i adore the little hint of purple! lovin the new banner too...