07 March 2009

Breezes, Butterflies & Boats

I just finished this beautiful invite for a lovely couple in IRELAND. She wanted a elegant but relaxed invitation that really showcased the couples love for sailing and the ease of enjoying life but with out looking like a nautical themed invite. Flowing flowers and sailboats in the breeze. Their colors are mainly blues with her bridesmaids dresses being 3 shades of blue. So we chose to mix 3 shades of blue thread to tie it all together. This is the first invite I printed using POLYMER plates! I just finally made the switch from magnesium mounted on wood. I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of the transition and the fun it brought back to printing for me.
It started to drizzle just as I was taking the pics so I didn't get too many but hopefully you can see it's simple lovliness. I also have one other invite I just finished last week that was to be photographed as well but the rain killed that shot! :)

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