29 March 2009

Death to the E-Mac

The Day finally came.... 7 years it has been my work horse. I know you all are thinking an E-Mac... circa 2002... you run a business and do modern designs on that!!! Are you crazy! Yes and No! We also have a new I-Mac and a Mac book. However, I do all my emailing, designing, and some printing from that computer. So when it decided to completely shut down with no hope of ever coming back to life, the only way to save all my work (lucky for me I back up everything!) from the last 3 days of emails and design changes were not backed up was to take the whole thing apart! So My Super husband came to the rescue and completely tore it to pieces, retrieved the Hard drive and saved all my work from the last 3 days!!! YAY for super Husband!!! Since nothing important was lost (at least what I can tell right now) we had a little fun with it. For now I will have to use the laptop for most of my work and when I do major designing or printing I will have to rock, paper, scissors with my husband to use the I-mac (that is technically his computer but he has to learn to share!) :) Come summer when we have paid off the other 2 computers I can get a new one and I am excited for that day! As frustrating as it is I am happy I am good at backing up my work. So for those of you that are wondering why I haven't been very good emailing lately this is why!

Here is my super husband inside the emac casing pretending to be a spaceball!:)

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