10 June 2009

Cotton LOve

Our 2 year wedding anniversary was yesterday....mmmmm love. The 2nd year is cotton. Since we are both pretty bad at giving presents on present giving days :) we usually go out to dinner and do funny stuff to celebrate. So for our cotton present we each made one another a cotton ball animal. Erin made me a "Gerb-amb" combo of a gerbil and a lamb. I made Erin a "lyo-errier" a mix between a lyon and a scottish terrier. Both equally filled with love and goodness! Happy anniversary to us!


Creative Montage said...

You guys are too creative for words....honestly!

wakako takagi said...

Congratulations to you and Erin:) Just came across your blog and love it!

Clarissa said...

This is so freakin cute!
I've added this to my blog and of course will give credit (of course).