07 June 2009

Sneak Peek of a lovely and festive wedding.

We, AKA Erin Hearts Court, just shot the wedding of the most awesome couple! Could her dress be anymore stunning, seriously look at the back of that thing!! I am not one to say "swwoonn" in my blog but swwooonn. :)
Remember this invitation? well that invite was for this wedding. I am also proud to say I also managed to pull off some fabulous bouquets (yes the one in the pic I made.. toot toot, that is my horn) :) and ultra fun boutonnieres as well. So this would be (besides some lucky friends) my first, with the help of Erin (the best husband in the world) of course, "multi" wedding. The invitations, the bouquets and bouts, Photography, and some fun suggestions here and there. Oh not to mention we have all become great friends!! Which makes all of it even more fun. They actually thanked us in their speech at the wedding! We felt absolutely honored. :)
Even though it rained and the plan "B" indoor option had to take place everything was still so wonderful and it made for some wonderful soft lighting and gorgeous clouds for the outside portraits and the walk to the ceremony. Here are 2 pics to entice you to come back later this week to see the whole wedding, and of course always way more pics on our blog soon.


Christine said...

I believe that I am experiencing the first pangs of dress envy. Wow! How lovely are they?!

Tina said...

Oh my goodness, that is seriously the most beautiful bouquet I've ever seen! I am in love :) I'm planning my wedding right now and would love to know what flowers you used for the bouquet! Up until now, I've been uninspired by wedding bouquets. Bravo!