22 September 2009

I die! {recycled fabric baby boots }

weddings...babies... it all fits together...right?
So first off I love this blog. then I saw her featuring these baby boots. Ummmm... please stork bring me a baby. I think I will buy all of them for my new niece then she can hand them down to her cousin... when ever that day comes. Quick go buy all of them here so she will keep making more so I can keep buying all of them. I mean men's suit fabric, couch material, and old sweaters made in to baby boots- come on! Get out of town.


Anonymous said...

Good grief, those are adorable! I'm glad my sister's about to have a baby...it would be too fun to give her a pair of those!

Paige Appel said...

Oh cozy little toes. Adorable and sweet.

seesaw designs said...

why are things in miniature so much cuter?!