28 September 2009

Maine wedding {styling, photography, flowers}

As I mentioned a few posts back here in the sneak peek. Erin and I went to Maine to help style, arrange flowers for the reception, do the table scapes and well... photograph our great friend's wedding. We had a blast!! :) I wanted to share with you some photos. You can see the whole story of the days and more pics from the wedding and day after shoot we did over on our blog here and here. Some of the flowers were wild flowers pick around the property, with a others delivered the morning of from a local farmer. I had NO idea of what flowers I was going to be working with but it turned out great.
I rummaged the land for fun pieces of Bark to lay on the table too. I used old Ball jar lids as the tea light base, and burlap for the runners with a cross pattern of different fabrics and and extra flags (used for the bunting banners) as little place mattes. Each table had a different metal letter on it that spelled out LOBSTER so cute. The wedding was so much fun to style, attend, and photograph.


Denise Fasanello said...

insanely pretty!

*m a r said...

This must have been such a nice wedding! Lovely!

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Totally amazing!Chic!Romantic wedding!