22 October 2008

2 beach weddings : one surrounded by palms, one surrounded by pines, both on October 18th, 2008.

Here are two invites that I just finally got around to photographing to put on my website.
One is the invite for the wedding I just featured Courtney & Erin. The other is for a super great couple, Kari & Rick that went off to Mexico to marry! Both beachy but with a different feel and theme. All are a blend of letterpress and ink jet, I love doing mixed media pieces it really enhances the design.
I can't wait to see the pictures from Kari and Ricks wedding. I also photographed their ceremony program that I made as a fan, Thanks to help of Susanne of Cards de Luxe In which I designed and printed them and she supplied me with the shape templet, die cut and assembled them. There is no way I could have done this with out her help! Thanks Susanne. Make sure to check out her beautiful portfolio!
I am also posting a few pics of the arrangement I made to feature the invite of Courtney & Erin. I really love making arrangements, it is a hobby I would like to pursue one day.


Emily@oncewed said...

Wow! I am impressed. You create beautiful paper goods, design amazing floral goods, and take beautiful photographs....amazing!!

susanne @ cardsdeluxe said...

Hi Courtney! It was a pleasure working with you. I hope we have other collaborations in the future. Both of these sets are wonderfully designed and your photos and arrangement makes for a pretty picture! I wish I was as talented. :-)

Melanie said...

I really have wonderful photos and design - you have a great talent!

Melanie said...

Sorry - YOU (!) have wonderful photos and design - I don't have!!! ;-)