15 October 2008

Wax is great for programs & favors too!

Here is a fun way to use a wax seal. Although I have not had a moment to photograph the invite for this wedding here are the programs and welcome basket favor for the wedding. I will be attending it this weekend and my husband and I will be photographing it as well. FYI the bride and groom have the same name as me and my husband "Courtney and Erin"
The favor is a letterpress art piece that goes with the invite suite. We used burgundy wax through out the suite but I chose to use a white wax on the artwork to make it stand out and give it a modern flair. The wedding is in Cambria california a sweet little beach town with the name "Where the pines meet the seas" The invite also included pine cones and shells with a vintage and organic feel she didn't want any starfish and sand dollars!! I don't blame her.
The program is a mix of letterpress and ink jet.
When I get back from the wedding I will post some more pics.

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