16 April 2009

Our humble but totally boring home!

So we were totally stoked to find out that Design Sponge wanted us to send them pics of our home for their sneak peek section they do every monday... So after days of scrambling and making sure everything looked as tidy as a work/home space can look we took loads of pics and sent them there way. Then this morning I get a email thanking me for the pictures but telling me that my home is not "quite right for the site" OUCH! that really made my husband and I feel like we were a complete pile of shit thrown up against the door. As struggling artists with massive student loans and working hard running both of our businesses, we have stayed in our same apartment for the last 6 years. We don't spend money on fancy furniture as one day when we have saved enough money to buy a house in california, we plan on finding the perfect furniture and found objects that fits that style of house. We are planning on moving this year and upgrading to a house, rental of course, but in the meantime we do our best to live humbly and enjoy ourselves everyday. We are thankful for what we do have so we keep our focus on trying to fulfill our dreams of working for ourselves as artists. So I thought instead of letting these photos go to waste, I would share with you our humble but not design sponge friendly apartment and workspace. I did show our work space before on a previous post, but here it is again along with the rest of our space. Are there any entrepreneurs, artists, or small business owners out there that make sacrifices for the better of your business? Do you still live humbly? However bad we felt from this rejection, we are still happy with where things are in our lives and what is going on... don't forget my post yesterday as there is so much going on with tons of exciting weddings and NEWS to come....

Erin did a project during school where he would print photos directly on the backs of skateboards... this was done in the darkroom using film GASP! :)
our coffee table is a salvaged piece of marble that sits on an old wooden beer crate filled with all our travel photos.
I collect the beer caps I just love all the colors when together.

you know when your work takes over your home when a fax sits upon your wine cooler.
Erin named it the "La Vin du Fax"
One of my paintings
a mixed media collage piece I did

our tiny little garden in our "back alley yard"


a Dish of Fun with a Side of Sass said...

I personally think your home is very charming and dare I say realistic! It seems to me you have a sense of style that comes naturally and perhaps that's not for everyone ;) Be proud of what you have! It's beautiful! I LOVE the wooden piece above your bed!

angie mae and mike said...

wow i really love your home. my home is a "work in progress" :) we are def saving up for our dream farm! so we don't need fancy schmancy stuff now....

RedRedOrange said...

I love your home because it is a HOME, not a contrived collection of Eames rockers and Mid Century credenzas. It is lived in, and perfectly unperfect. It shows how hard you work, and that you are inspired by many different eras, materials and colors. It is beautiful, and I am especially loving your garden area!