22 January 2009

My Studio & Home {small- but gets the job done}

As a wedding vendor there is something to say about having a "shop" or "studio". It gives a bit of mojo to your work. But as an Artist there is something to say about just having a "home" :) So as a self employed "wedding artist" I turned my home into my studio. It is small and I could definitely use a few more tables and chairs and storage. Our hopes will be to get a larger space this summer. With 5 printers, 3 cats, 3 computers, 2 scanners, and a husband, it can get a bit tight to say the least. It causes screams of frustration about once a month when I decide to make a nice dinner and realize my "kitchen" table (it is in quotes because it is actually in the living room and we call our couch our dining table.... explanation coming :) ) Anyways when I realize my kitchen table is covered in photos, letterpress plates, bills, extension cords, lenses, and a cat, hence the move to the dining table AKA the couch. It makes living a working completely one thing. I know if I expand I will be able to grow my business, but for now it is good and we are happy. So with out further adu: This is my work space.... a clean version! :) tee he... and a couple of pics of me, one of which I am very serious. BTW that is not the press I use for most of my projects I rent a big beast of a press at another studio. That little guy is for the tiny projects. I used to do my major projects on it until I grew a popeye arm. :) All taken by my lovely husband

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