03 February 2009

Golf Tee Boutonniere!! What boy wants to wear a flower anyways....

I just decided to make this!
I thought it would be a cute idea for those that have fiancés that are into golf or those that are getting married at a golf club. I bought them in white and natural and painted some blue. You could paint them any color to match your wedding.
What do you think? Cute? yes or no? I say Heck ya this is supa cute!! No flowers so you can make them in the weeks leading up to your wedding. You get like 50 tees for $4, Hows that for a cheap DIY? Especially after you just spent half your budget on your dress. :)
Here are some more angles of the same.


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Kathryn said...


Pen and Ink said...

Oh, I LOVE this! What an adorable idea. My cousin had a golf-theme reception at Pinehurst in NC and these would have been spectacular! So cute.

eleanor hope said...

super cute & creative!

Courtney said...

How creative! What a great idea.

I love seeing unique bouts. I have noticed feathers are getting really popular, too. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

I saw this on my wedding photographer's blog from a local wedding. I've decided to do this for my groom and best man... so cute!

Rose@bunchesdirect said...

I think this is such a unique and brilliant idea! It could potentially work with other sports too. My boyfriend and I are hockey fanatics and I've thought about maybe incorporating something hockey into our wedding.

ghartb said...

i think this is FABULOUS! i'm going totally going to borrow your idea!