18 February 2009

I know I know....

Nothing new! YET!!!... Oh you just wait. In the meantime get off the computer!! take a walk, drink some wine, kiss your pet, tell your mom you love her, enjoy your life. Call your best friend not text. Sing to your favorite song. You'll need it because when you come back to my blog in the next couple days you'll be on the computer for so long your bum will flatten, your hair will grey and your cat will gnaw on your toes. what's coming you say??....
4 bouquets
3 table tops
2 invitations
& 1 super cool save the date
0 sleep :)

Perhaps I am thinking of another "what boy wants to wear a flower anyway..." flowerless boutonniere series. What theme or occupation Should I do?? I have ideas for these...
A. Fly Fisherman
B. Engineer/Architect

Come back soon!!

1 comment:

Emily@oncewed said...

Courtney, I've missed your lovely posts! I can't wait to see all the goodies listed above.