19 January 2009

Frida Kahlo garden fiesta table top inspiration board...hold on to your sombreros!

I have the pleasure of designing another table top trend for Emily over at Once Wed which I will have done at the end of this month. So here is my inspiration. Bright colors, rustic pots, vintage fabrics and tamales! I have challenged myself to using a round table with white table cloth, white napkins and boring white dishes.... everything most venues supply for weddings! :( I want to show that boring linens and static dishware can be made to look exciting by bringing in a few elements on your own with out having to re-rent everything you're already supplied. (which defeats the purpose of the all in one venue and a budget)

Hope I can do it! :)


Bowen said...

How exciting! I am particularly looking forward to this one ... can't wait to see it!

emily said...

Looks great, Courtney! I am excited about this one too!

Kas said...

Ohhh Please tell me where you found the images of the little hearts? I love them. I really want them..