06 January 2009

Erin Hearts Court-Wedding photography

I Have officially teamed up with my husband, Erin of jameserin.com and Palomaimages.com, in our own wedding photography team. Erin Hearts Court. Although we are working on our website and it will hopefully be up by the end of this month, we have the new and exciting logo and splash page done. www.erinheartscourt.com
You can go visit the site and then click on the blog to see our work ( well... sort of it is not complete yet either) and then call us up and book us for your wedding because we are so totally awesome! :)

While you are in my blog here you can see the weddings we have shot together in past posts so click on those too.

We are excited and as soon as it is complete and ready for viewing I will post again! Check back to our blog often to see slideshows of real weddings!

Look out world not only will I photograph your wedding but I will do your invites, your design and your flowers, and overall just make it so unique your friends who just got married will want to divorce their spouse so they can marry them again, Just to try and top yours. :) ha ha...

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