02 January 2009

Kelly & Louis Wedding 12.20.08

Here are my just a few of my favorite pictures from the wedding Erin and I just shot on December, 20th 2008. The couple is originally from California but moved to Texas. The wedding was here in pasadena but we only just met the cute couple that day as they booked us from texas. They were just absolutely happy and smiley the whole time! One sad note- a button off my new pair of boots came off that day! GRRR I even saw it, but thought someone dropped it off a coat or something so I just put it down where I saw it.... WELL that was MY button!! I had warn my boots only twice and didn't have them memorized yet... I think the nuns at the church will think I am crazy if I go there asking for a leather button, it's probably already been used in the children's arts and crafts class... :(
Oh well- enjoy the pictures!

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