01 January 2009

What's in a Name?

I always struggle with my business name, Flush Designs. I often wonder if I should change it. To what, I don't know. I always have to repeat it at least 3 times when telling someone about it.  "What is your business' name?" 
my reply: "Flush Designs"   they say, "What?"
I say, "Flush Designs"   they say "Flesh Designs"
I say, "No.... (sigh) Flush, like in Flush a toilet, Designs...." 
they say " Oh "the flush designs." I say " No just Flush, No the" 
they say, "Oh cool...."

I am not so excited to have to explain my business name in relation to a crapper. :(

This happens more times then not. When I thought of the name I was thinking a Flush of color or like a rush of pride or a design that is so perfect it is "totally flush". Now I am not so excited over it and can't decide if it would hurt or help my business to change the name.... I think it is the new years feeling that causes us ( well me) to think of change and what I can do to better my business and myself. 
 Any thoughts from my oh so avid followers.... I know there are at least 2 of you. :) 
Do you like the name Flush Designs? I guess it depends on what else I would change it too...
Happy New years!!! 


Lisa - Pen and Ink said...

I like the name! Honestly, I never at all associated it with a toilet :) It is always so hard to judge how a change like that may affect a business. I guess it just depends on so many factors! If you do decide to change, I wish you an easy transition!

Maybe if people need help in understanding the name, instead of using the toilet example you could say, "Flush, like a flush of color" or something similar.

The New Year always makes me think of change and improvement as well. Happy New Year!

Flush Designs said...

Thanks!! Funny I have used "flush of color" and they say "oh flesh color" Maybe I mumble! ha ha :)
Thanks! By the way Pen & Ink is a great name! :)

perlerorneq said...

or you could talk about sex flush...people are stupid. What you need are business cards unless those same people who don't get the name are also illiterate. i wouldn't be surprised. in my opinion you're too far into this now to change the name. not that you need to anyway.

Bowen said...

I love your name! When I first saw it, I immediately thought of a rosy, blush color ... maybe if you integrated that color into your website, business cards, etc. it would help people associate the word with your meaning?? Also maybe using photos of brides that are flush with excitement themselves ...

Also you might explain it "like being flush with excitement or happiness ..." No one will think flesh or toilet flush then!!!

Flush Designs said...

Thanks everyone. I know the name change would be way to hard! I will just pronunciate my words better. :) I always dreamed of my business name to be Flush, so I should just be happy it is going well.
I will make sure not to say flush like a toilet. :) Although, Perlerorneg, "Sex flush" is very funny. (I might loose a few potential clients with that though!) ha ha!
It will stay the same- Flush Designs!!!

rebekah at ead living said...

I like it because it is unique. :)