26 January 2009

Your feedback on our new websites...

I have been in front of the computer for 2 days straight 12 hours a day all weekend trying to get this done. I now have red eyes & a sore butt. :)

Just want to let everyone know that Erin Hearts Court is up and running! We are still adding some more work but the basics are up! Check it out and let us know what you think.

Also I am working on mine at the moment and have it partially done. (some sections aren't up yet) You can see it in action right now just to get a feel of the new layout.
I would love some critique on it..colors, layout, ease of use, photos.... etc.
Here is the link. You can still compare it to my original site here.

Feedback would be great!

I am going to be doing a promotion when it is all up and ready. So Look out!


Anonymous said...

I love the new site! Well Done.


nole said...

The photography is just stunning! The site itself looks great, you did a great job! My only comment would be that the images are sometimes a bit wider than the screen of my monitor at work, so I lose the edges of some photos. Not a huge deal, but I wonder if there's a way to make sure that the images fit the size of the monitor or browser?

Flush Designs said...

Thanks!!! Glad you like it!
I wish I could fix the size issue but on smaller resolution monitor settings the images will get so big that the edges will cut off. Unfortunately, to get a web design that will constantly resize to fit everyones browser window was way out of my budget.... :( Good to know for the next time I do an update with new software.

Flush Designs said...

what browser are you on? just curious?